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by CM Trailer Parts

  • Supplied with SS Split Pins
  • Sizes as per the chart
  • Larger quantities (10+) will be made to order with a 2 week lead time.


From (including GST): NZD$26.20

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SKU: TE16P16110
Pin Length: 110mm
Roller Pin: 16mm
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SKU: TE16P16140
Pin Length: 140mm
Roller Pin: 16mm
NZD$27.30Add to Cart
SKU: TE16P16150
Pin Length: 150mm
Roller Pin: 16mm
NZD$28.30Add to Cart
SKU: TE16P16190
Pin Length: 190mm
Roller Pin: 16mm
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SKU: TE16P16200
Pin Length: 200mm
Roller Pin: 16mm
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SKU: TE16P16240
Pin Length: 240mm
Roller Pin: 16mm
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SKU: TE16P19240
Pin Length: 240mm
Roller Pin: 19mm
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SKU: TE16P19350
Pin Length: 350mm
Roller Pin: 19mm
NZD$74.50Add to Cart
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CM Keel Rollers - Stainless Steel Roller Pins
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